Barefoot Security

A friend of mine recently asked our church leadership, “What are we doing to teach our children about giving?” I happened to be sitting within earshot and immediately recalled a story shared by a mother earlier that day. Her son and her nephew were getting ready to leave church on Mother’s Day. On their way out, they passed a collection box set out for shoes to be donated (the vision of another outrageous young lady in our church: to collect shoes for orphans in Zambia). Both boys in that moment came to the same conclusion: I can give the shoes off my feet.

And off they came. Two pairs of shoes are now halfway around the world protecting the feet of another child who may never have a chance to say “thank you” face to face.

But the shoes were never given from a need to hear the praise of man. They were given TO a stranger FROM a child who is secure in his knowledge that he is loved. When real giving happens (tithe, offering, stewardship, volunteerism) it is always based from a foundation of security in the nature and character of God. I am told the boys went barefoot the rest of the day.


So, what are we doing at DPKids to teach our children about giving? We’re loving them. We’re being givers by example and trusting God with our everyday needs. We’re declaring His truth together that, “He who keeps me will neither slumber nor sleep.”

We’re there every Sunday- giving our time to learn more about Him. We hope to see you there!