DP in South Africa

When we go you go!
We are now into our second weekend here in South Africa. It’s been a God trip, but the pace has been demanding and we are a bit tired. I spoke tonight at Fusion Youth to maybe as many as 500 or so kids. It was an awesome opportunity to speak identity and purpose to this group of young men and women from Capetown!
We started our journey on Oct. 3rd with investments in campus ministries and leaders from two different Universities, one  at the University of  Pretoria where we have long relationship and effective partnerships. The other is a new ministry opportunity at a medical school situated to the north-west of Pretoria. Medunsa or the Medical University of South Africa, has a campus that adjoins the Ga-Rankuwa Township. This is the largest medical school in SA and is located in the middle of great need.
On Sunday we spoke at one of our close church partners in two AM services again about identity and destiny and God showed up huge. In fact in the second service we saw a full blown demonic manifestation during an incredible prayer and ministry time that saw dozens of people respond. We were at yet another church on Sunday night speaking about how “Obvious” Jesus is and in that revelation a few new people were added to the family of God!
This week has been no less busy or strategic as we traveled to two other different places to sow and serve and then finally arriving in Capetown today. We have a missions breakfast in the morning, will try to do some Sunday prep in the afternoon as well as doing some laundry. Sunday will be back at the church we spoke at tonight and are hoping and praying for an amazing day of Grace and effectiveness.
I’ll catch you up on next week later as I’m about to fall asleep writing this blog.
Please do be praying for us. We need and appreciate your prayers and feedback here and on facebook.
Until then, much love and yes I did take the lion picture and no it wasn’t in a zoo…
Ron and Karen B