A Simple Request

Several weeks ago, I was sitting at my kitchen table with my kids when my 2-year-old made the most profound statement.  Before I tell you what he said, let me give you a little background and perhaps that will help you see how profound his comment was to my heart’s ears.

Rooke is two.  He’s probably my most vocal child but in all reality he knows only a few words.  With four older siblings, he has mastered the art of combining charades with grunts and monosyllabic words in this toddler-symphony of expression.   It’s great fun to see the way his personality takes a unique spin on how he is learning to talk.

The other day, I was in the middle of some map lessons with my older kids when Rooke began to climb up on one of the chairs.  This particular morning, we were discussing some of the unreached people groups of Western Asia.  When we do this part of the lesson, Joshua’s book tells us what to pray for each city/country we discuss.  Josh began to pray and my attention turned to Rooke.

Then it happened:  Rooke smiled a little smile and leaned over toward me as if to make me listen.   With the softest little voice, Rooke began to sing.  He sang in a full and complete sentence the only phrase that came to his heart…

“Jesus loves me.  Tell me so.”

Immediately, all of us stopped what we were doing.  We said, “Sing it again.”

“Jesus loves me.  Tell me so.”

A call.  A command.  An imperative plea.

Rooke was speaking for the hundreds of thousands of children in the world who need to hear.  Jesus loves me.  Tell me so.  PLEASE tell me so.  I won’t hear it any other place if the Church doesn’t tell me.  I won’t hear it on television.  I won’t hear it from the internet.  I need to hear it from you.

How are you telling the children?  Is it a hug?  A high-five?  Will you ask them how they lost a tooth…because they hear that as Love.  Tell them a Bible story…His word doesn’t come back void.  Carry them, chase them, squat down (if you can) and look into their eyes.  They are no small matter to the Lord.

How are you telling the children?  They really want to hear, you know.