Saturating ourselves with the Truth – by Sharon Okie

Recently, Terry Haltom shared that he sensed that God was sad because His children have so many misconceptions about who He is and what He’s really like – His goodness, His love….

While he was sharing, I was reminded of Psalm 5:3 “…In the morning I will order my prayer to Thee and eagerly watch.” What a wonderful picture of trust. I thought of a little child standing on tip-toe peering out of the window, waiting for Daddy to come home. Eagerly watching…Hoping…Trusting because he knows that he is loved. He knows that his father cares about everything concerning him.

How can we have that attitude toward God? How can we learn to live like that?

II Peter 1:1-3 says that “Everything pertaining to life and godliness comes through the knowledge of God.”

We’re surrounded by the knowledge of man (all of the things that men think and feel and know), but if we are intentional about filling ourselves up with the knowledge of God, it changes us. As we saturate ourselves with the truths in His word, those precious scriptures that tell us who He is and who we are in Him, powerful things happen.

• The Holy Spirit “teaches (us) all things and bring to our remembrance all that (He) has said to (us).” John 14:26
He reminds us of scriptures that speak to our situations and scriptures that can speak to someone else’s situation.

• God takes the word that we’ve learned in our heads and works it into our hearts, and we start to really believe. It transforms us (emotional healing, physical healing, healing of relationships, provision….)

Imagine a tall glass that has dirt in the bottom, when clean water is forced into the glass it pushes out the dirt until the glass is filled to the brim with clear water.

Filling ourselves with God’s word forces out unbelief and fears, lies that can hinder us from receiving what is already available to us.

In the area of healing, the Old Testament says that “…by His stripes we are healed…”(Isaiah 53:4-5) and the New Testament says, “…By His stripes we were healed…”(I Peter 2:24). The only difference between the two is the cross! Jesus fulfilled the Isaiah prophecy. When He said “It is finished,” healing, salvation, and many other blessings were provided for us. (Matt 8:16-17).

A few years ago, I heard a story about a lady who was walking along a country road. As she came around a bend she saw several ducks splashing in a mud puddle and only a few feet away lay a pristine pond. As she looked on in amazement the Lord spoke to her heart and said, “don’t settle for the mud puddle, the pond is My gift to you.”

Saturating ourselves with the Truth will dispel the lies and can help us move from the mud puddle to the pond. What an incredible gift! “Let’s go swimming!”