Can You Hear the Cadence?

by Brittney Howard

As the New Year continues on I feel this changing inside of me, and as I read today on The Fearless Experiment’s blog about the soundtrack of your life, and the beat that was sounding in Lindsay’s heart; I can truly say that I have been feeling some time of rhythm in my heart. It started out as a faint beat that I would hear from time to time and it would stir something deep down inside of me. I would then go on with my life and my day to day routine and be totally content in my comfort zone of “the norm”. As my time in the internship has progressed this rhythm (which I am going to call “the Cadence”) has in fact gotten louder and more frequent, and quite honestly less easy to ignore. And try as might to brush the nudging aside and continue on in my little bubble of comfort and easy, it has truthfully interrupted MY plans for this life, and thank The Lord it has. My normal, comfortable, and easy plans for my life are not what God has called me to, it is not what He has destined me for. I want to live life in Him and with Him and have a life that is bravely fearless, a life that is in deed A Brave Adventure!

By the grace of God my days are going to change, I want to attain a level of relationship with Jesus I have not had before, I want to reach new revelation and greater understanding. And as I sit here thinking on all of this something inside of me get louder and stronger and today instead of ignoring this nudging I am going to acknowledge it. I’m going to acknowledge the longing in the depths of me to quit settling for easy and normal and strive for bravery and an extraordinary adventure with The One who loves me more then the grains of sand, who know all of the hairs on my head, who knew my days before the foundations of the earth. The one who is my Daddy my Heavenly Father. Do you know what the Cadence is saying, its saying

God Is Love
by Jonathan David Helser

I will dance on the chains of
my circumstance, walk on the
waves of the storm
nothing is impossible for those
who believe God is Love
God is love, God is love
I won’t be afraid
God is love, God is love
Nothing is impossible
I will live out these dreams
You placed in me, shout down
These walls of fear
Nothing is impossible for those
Who believe God is love
I can scale a wall
I can move a mountain
I can slay the giants
With you on my side
I can raise the dead
I can free the nations
I can fly

Can you feel the cadence, Can you feel the cadence?

Do you feel the beating deep in your heart, your heart is coming alive again!

So this year, the soundtrack to my life is “God is Love” by Jonathan David Helser. The Cadence in my heart is crying out for me to start living, living the life I was born to live, the life that the Lord saw before the foundations of the earth, the life He destined for me to live. An awesome woman that I love dearly told me the other day that “there are things that you are already capable of, (that the Lord has already put inside of me) that you don’t even know are there”. And it is true there are things that stir in my heart daily and (not as a point of failure or disappointment) I have not been acknowledging them, and now that I am beginning to acknowledge them I am seeing parts of my heart that I have never seen before, levels of love I know I could not attain on my own.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

I am a new creation, the old has passed away!! I do not have to settle for easy, I do not have to settle for normal, and I do not have to settle for comfortable! Jesus is my comforter, He is my safe place!

He is good.

Can you hear the cadence?

A Celebration of Brandon Brinkley

Brandon Brinkley stepped fully into heaven from his earthly home Monday, January 14, 2013. Please continue to pray for strength and comfort for the Brinkley’s during this time.

In lieu of flowers, you can make a donation to one of the following: These donations will benefit expenses related to Brandon and care for his wife Lindsay and son Tristan.

1. The GODstrong account through the DPNRV church office or by mail: Dwelling Place 3325 N. Franklin St, Christiansburg, VA 24073. Please note in the memo line: GODstrong

2. United National Bank, 722 North Broad Street, Cairo, GA 39828, (229) 377-7200 (GODstrong Account)

***We are also working on making a collage book for Tristan. Please submit your testimonies on how Brandon impacted your life by leaving a comment below.

“Stay-at-Home-Mom or Prophetess-to-Many-Nations.” How do you define yourself?

“Stay-at-Home-Mom or Prophetess-to-Many-Nations.” How do you define yourself?

by Tammy O’Reilly

As I awoke, I could feel the stirring of the Spirit inside me, so I began to ask the Lord what He wanted to say to me. In that moment He simply spoke the quiet “I love you and I love our times in the morning” and of course, that was enough to begin my day…His mere presence was enough to satisfy my need.

However, as my children awoke and the “busyness” of my day began, the stirring returned, but not in the quietness as it was earlier. The Lord began to redefine my outlook on my life. As I began feeding my children breakfast, comforting my oldest son who was disappointed that he had slept in and missed a TV show, correcting my youngest son for taking his breakfast into the living room after he had been told not to, and as always giving my daughter the plan for the day, the Lord began to speak the following….

“Do you really see yourself as just a “stay-at-home-mom”or have you ever looked at yourself as a “prophetess-to-many-nations?”

I responded back to the Lord with a very spirited voice, “well right now prophetess to many nations sounds like a lot less work than this snow day.” And I think I literally heard Him laugh joyously at my response, then He opened my eyes to a new definition. He spoke this to me, “Tammy, within the last 30 minutes you have, fed the hungry, comforted the brokenhearted, rebuked a rebellious nation, and given vision/direction to those under your authority, and you never left the confines of your house!!”

As I heard these words my heart began to pound, for I knew the Lord was speaking something intentional for my life. As I continued with this discussion with Him, He spoke into me that how I see myself is detrimental to the furthering of His kingdom and that I needed to be diligent with how I presented myself to my children because I was walking out the destiny of a “prophetess-to-many-nations” right here in my kitchen. And the purposes and plans I walk out daily inside these walls are powerful so I must change my outlook of who I am while I am here.

I am realizing that it is very easy to walk a spiritually driven life, when surround by those who see you as “spiritual.” However, when I am pouring into these people, I call children, the spiritual walk seems to get a little tougher. The only reward that I can hold to, while feeding, comforting, refereeing, and loving my children is that this “prophetess-to-many-nations” will one day receive the “Well done good and faithful daughter, even while standing in your kitchen!!”

As the Lord spoke again, I realized some of my greatest moments as a “prophetess- to -many- nations” would be right here in the confines of my home, with those who see me with the simple title of “mom, aka prophetess-to-many-nations!!!” Today my eyes have been opened to new definitions of who God has created me to be and my prayer is that I will walk in the grace of that definition!! Thank You Jesus!!

Many of you who read this may not be moms yet or may not have the overcoming opportunity of living out a “snow day,”but I challenge you to evaluate the definitions of who you are, wherever you are! God is speaking that we all have opportunities of furthering His Kingdom and they won’t all look the same. I challenge you to ask the Lord what redefining moment is He wanting to reveal to you today!!