Timothy’s Perfect Heart

Lois Phlegar 3/28/13

Aug 2011 – At my son’s 3 year old well child checkup, the physician noticed a heart murmur and suggested that we reevaluate him at 4 years old.

Aug 2012 – The same physician evaluated him again, found the same condition, and suggested an echocardiogram.

Oct 2012 – Results of the echocardiogram indicated the need to consult a child heart specialist.

Nov 2012 – My husband, our 4 yr old, and I went forward for prayer from the elders for healing for our son’s heart condition. The following Tuesday we went to the cardiologist for the scheduled exam. The cardiologist examined him, reexamined the October echocardiogram, and determined that she should do a 2nd echocardiogram in her office.

During the echocardiogram, the cardiologist returned to the weak valve over and over, but could not find anything wrong. She apologetically exclaimed “it’s perfect”, “it’s perfect”. In my heart I prayed “Thank you Jesus!”

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The Road Less Traveled

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost. Reading Frost this afternoon I cannot help but think where I might have ended up had I not moved to Virginia. Had I not completed the internship. Had I not moved to Greece and had I not moved back. What if I hadnt been equipped to walk those lonely nights and sorrowful days that would follow shortly after? The season my soul came to the realization that man does not live on bread alone, but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God…that was the season by which I would forever be changed. Had that not happened, many a things may have transpired, many a things may have looked different…but I can say with certainty, not only would I have been unsatisfied, but I would have bypassed the single most important adventure of my life. To love the Lord, to know Him, to be loved by Him, this is what breathes life into my being. This is what fuels my very existence. Had I not believed, had I not known in the depths of my heart when the Lord spoke, “I will never leave or forsake you,” then these last several months as well as years would have played out much differently.

The road less traveled can be so very intimidating at times. To lay down ones life only to see a barren land filled with fruitless days, and lonely nights can seem unbearable…However, as of late I am beginning to realize that what seemed to be so very desolate was in fact the complete opposite. As the Israelites cried out in objection to their supposed abandonment I found myself at times fighting the same cry. To see death at every corner my heart grew discouraged, my heart grew weary. Upon thinking of the Israelites I could not help but question how an entire tribe of people could ignore the signs and wonders happening right before them? How they could mistake misty Manna, a fire by night and a cloud by day as rejection…How could they forget?

Not every moment ended in victory but when I was able to remember, when my eyes were open to all the Lord had and has been doing I found myself not only humbled but overjoyed…I found myself thankful. “He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed, Shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him,” Psalm 126:6. A dear friend of mine once said, “Jessie it is alright to cry and to mourn, but do so in hope knowing who your God is, so that in it’s season you will reap a harvest of joy.” I have watched and been apart of some of the most difficult and painful of days. Feeling the weight and the pressure of the world as it has tried to bring an unrighteous name to my God. But when I stopped moving. When I was able to breathe. When I cried out to my heavenly father, praying for a glimpse at what He sees…My heart not only found peace but it found joy…and more then anything my heart was able to hope again.

It is not hard to see a world that is quickly fading. A world full of corruption and death. It is not hard to see a darkness that at every corner seeks to overwhelm. However, when one can see the way He sees…when one can put away earthly eyes and see with Heavenly perspective everything changes. One can move with confidence not cowering to the circumstance at hand. One can battle against spirits and principalities rather then the mere flesh and blood that stands before. One can weep in confidence, knowing their God will not only weep along side but will turn their seed of tears into a harvest of joy. It becomes clear…that where yes, the dark may be getting darker, the light is indeed growing much lighter.

I stand amazed at my friends, my family, my soon to be husband, as I watch them not only overcome the hardships that accompany the path less traveled but prevail in such a way that their endurance has left its results..a people perfect and complete lacking in nothing. I stand amazed as I watch them conquer the enemy in such a way that he has no choice but to flee. To see a people rise fully armed by the Lord is a fierce thing to behold. Where death sought to destroy indentity, purpose, vision and so much more, I have seen a people grow louder and stronger, declaring their God’s faithfulness, their God’s healing, their God’s redemption. The sons and daughters of God are rising up as just that..sons and daughters. They no longer wait to be asked, they no longer care to prove themselves but rather trust in the vindication and righteousness of their God. They are a people who’s past once bound and enslaved. But at the revelation of what lies behind the veil have been been adopted into a family who’s King laid down his life to win them over and to win them back. They call Him Father. He is the creator of the universe. They stand redeemed as He responds always in love always in faith. To know that with a glance of their eyes, His heart skips a beat, has forever changed the way they move, the way they operate, the way the interact.

There is an awakening that is happening that cannot be denied. Circumstances have not and will not dictate the way the body of Christ walks for they know His fingerprints, they know His voice. They will follow Him to the mountain, they will follow him to the valley for wherever He goes they know they will find rest, they know they will find peace. He redeems what has been stolen and empowers them to take new ground. They swim to new depths and climb to new heights as they cannot get enough His presence. The Lord draws them deeper into his heart with every prayer prayed, with every song sung, and with every dance danced. The Holy roar that has and will echo throughout the land is one that will draw the dry bones from their graves. The young will be a force to be reckoned with as the old teach and equip them to hear the voice of God. They will fear no evil as they know they abide in Him and Him in they. The battle cry that erupts at the sound of His name is one that causes the demons to flee and the enemy himself to cower as it reminds him of how this battle will end. This is the Body of Christ. The ones who no longer sees their God as the taker but rather the giver of Life. Shedding light on the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. In doing so He not only rendered the lies of His enemy ineffective but assured His children of His character and never ending devotion…Assuring them of His never ending love. This is the body of Christ revitalized, strengthened, and renewed.

He fathers the fatherless. He loves the broken, the dirty and the dying. When His love floods a room it destroys fear and brings forth a lovingkindness that draws a people to repentance. He is a God who’s love never dies. He pursues fervently and never shrinks back at our transgression,fault, or sin but rather leaves the 99 and searches for the 1, drawing us back.

There is a God who fights for His children, and King who stands day and night interceding on our behalf. So what other road is there? Where else would we be? Where else would we go? A day is coming where there will be no more sickness, and no more pain…a day where the body of Christ will stand whole fully knowing and being known. That day is not some distant dream, but grows more real and more certain with every breathe.

by Jessie Alger
Photo credit: Michael J. Martin