Tina’s Left Ankle

Tina, 3/6/13 – I severely broke my left ankle in September of 2010, while walking on a slick surface at a VT game. I had to have a metal plate, 5 screws and a metal plate put in on the opposite side of the break, with wire going through my ankle. Ever since that surgery… find her testimony and more at http://dphealing.wordpress.com/



The Beauty of a Butterfly

by Coralee Rosales

Beauty–the buds of the beginning, of something beautiful that once was broken and battered. The butterfly–the butterfly that blossoms and emerges from a cocoon… from a place that felt hopeless, from the darkness where you once felt lonely, abandoned and weak. Fear surrounded you, and you spent the time regretting your life and mistakes that got you to that place, and trying your best to remember who you where before the darkness, and hating what you remembered and hating yourself. But as you regain your strength and try once more to escape the place that you call “terror,” you succeed and you break free of this now very small cocoon, and as you emerge you begin to fall, fall, fall into this great openness. As you fall, panic rushes over you. But as you have almost given up all hope of surviving, you spread out wings that you didn’t know existed and you begin to fly… It’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to you, and as you fly you forget your past mistakes, you forget the fear and abandonment that you felt in that cocoon and all you see is that the cocoon was a place of preparation and transition into who you where created to be, and into a place of flying, and into a place of Beauty.

Steadfast Faithfulness

My Dear and Darling Dwelling Place,

Can you look up at Me?
I am astounded at your steadfast faithfulness to Me in the midst of pain and weariness.  I see your many efforts for Me.  Keep your gaze on Me as I bring you My love and My strength for your lives.

1. Do all you can to walk in FORGIVENESS and to receive one another like never before.

2. Do all you can to stay nourished.  STUDY MY WORD!  Pursue it with all of your might like never before.

3. Do all you can to OPEN UP YOUR HOMES to be a refuge to others.

4. Walk in HUMILITY like never before and be willing to praise one another.

5. Walk in PATIENCE like never before as you practice My presence.

6. Do all you can to PURSUE one another in friendship and embrace one another as family.

7. Be wise to BALANCE your lives like never before.  Be careful to rest in ME as you lay down your lives.  Be careful to take care of yourselves even while loving your neighbor as yourselves.  It’s okay to laugh.

Use your resharpened weapons in great humility.  Surround yourselves with divine common sense.

by Jean Ebel: Word from the Lord on Sunday, May 26th 2013.