Church Wide Fast


This is just a quick note from the DP Elders to invite the body to a corporate fast for Dwelling Place. As we have been on this journey of teaching on “Faith” we have seen a great foundation being built on which we believe that we can stand. We know that God wants to bring about further revelation of walking in faith and that we will continue to fight the good fight of faith as Paul puts it. In fighting this good fight we have sensed the need to bring the fullness of the body together to agree on some things as we continue to move forward.

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Press Into Jesus


By Danielle Bradford

Doing a little fasting, and I discovered that I have more of a sweets addiction than I thought. Ha! Whatdoyaknow! So these sugar craving waves keep hitting me, and I’ve been telling myself just to press into Jesus- they will pass. Just let them each wash over you and they will stop eventually. What did this process remind me of? Oh yes! When I was grieving for my mother…
Sometimes these ‘grief waves’ would hit me. And not the good, profitable grief. The bad, hopeless, tormenting grief. Pain. I noticed the same process at work. If I would just press into Jesus, they would wash over me- it’s the difference between being bashed by an ocean wave versus being under one. And eventually it would be gone. And the frequency would get less and less until it stopped entirely. Just like these craving waves. Or accusation waves. Or fear waves. Or fear of failure waves. I’m talking about the damaging kind, not the I-need-to-deal kind. Just press into Jesus. They will pass over. Eventually they will stop altogether.