I Can Feel The Rumbling

by Brittney Howard
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(I’m waiting for the winds to change and as I wait will you strengthen me) Like months before when I was hearing the soft but constant cadence of change coming I have been feeling a rumbling. The change has come I knew it was coming and when but I didn’t know what it would look like or what it would feel like. There has been a huge shift in our life in this move. As we step into this new season I feel the anticipation in my spirit for the things The Lord has in store for me and us, a stirring deep within me. I feel some of the things that I was ministered in welling up inside me and my spirit yearning to give the gift of freedom and forgiveness I was given while we were in Virginia. I feel my spirit calling out to Jesus, crying out for more of Him. More of Jesus in me, around me, through me and about me. For His presence to just permeate my every moment. The sweetness and love of His presence to just cover me. This rumbling of His presence is coming toward me like waves crashing on the shore. Each one bigger then before and each one with it’s crash on the sand comes closer to me, where I stand on the shore. Each crash and rumble brings the presence closer my toes. I want to be in it over my head I want to swim and float in the waves and watch them and hear them rumbling on the shore. As I feel the rumble getting closer I hear the questions rising: Do you really want more of me? Do you really want to take this step, cause your not going to be the same. And the truth in my heart is I don’t want to be the same. I don’t want the things of this world that have been holding me down anchor me to this shore anymore. I want to dive in. And swim as deep into his presence as I can and I want to look back at that shore that I’ve stood on for so long and bask in the freedom I’ve found in the deep seas of His presence. So do you feel it? Do you feel the rumbling in your Spirit, what is beckoning you to?