Some of The Better Questions

by Beth Wilbur

I was reading 1 Corinthians this morning when something caught my eye: “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God …” (1 Cor 4:19) As Christians, we love to quote verses about The Cross being foolishness to the world. (Which it is and there is incredible truth there, but that’s a different thought train for a different time.) But this morning I’m thinking of the world’s wisdom that is still ingrained in my thinking that is found as foolishness in the site of God.

What standards do I hold that I don’t even recognize as worldly? Do I admire success or failure? Do I hold status or occupation above a persons heart, heartache and life? Am I seeking to gain in the world or in the Kingdom? Am I fighting for the lost or my own position? Am I looking for His loving kindness or am I looking for prosperity? Am I looking for Him among the “least of these” or am I looking to be seen by leaders? Am I seeking to love or just to be loved?

And what does He say about all these things? What does He see in failure, in lack of status, in the lost and in my heart? Where can I find places that need changing in me that will make me more like Him?

I’m not saying I suddenly have all these things sorted, but I’m saying I’m thinking about it. Just wonder if anyone else is thinking about it too.

Mercies of God

by James Gray
Early that morning I had just sent an email to the worship team putting in a song request for us to do at some point. This is rewinding a Vineyard tune from a while ago… “Creation Calls” specifically in a DP essence similar to what’s presented on the ‘Light the Fire Again’ album.

It’s interesting to me that particular song was in mind… because…

My morning commute to work began with getting pulled over for failing to stop at a marked intersection (6:50AM).

I was leaving McDizzle’s in Cbrg, turning right on Franklin, looked left, saw just one vehicle about 200 yards away, and continued to scoot up to the Cambria light. Well, that one vehicle happened to be a Sheriff on patrol.

I made a casual lane change up to the light, then another on the way past Sheets. In ‘Titanfall’ terms, the ‘pilot had locked on’, and blue lights illuminating the early Spring snowfall signaled my pending fate. I pull on the side street (hoping others I’ve probably ticked off on the morning commute wouldn’t pass and recognize my vehicle, gleefully eyeing the retribution)… (7AM)

Sheriff ______ collects my IDs, informs me of the (known) infraction, and takes a while getting back to me…

… rewind to the song (‘Creation Calls’), and earlier this morning…

So, for some understood and mysterious reasons the song has been in mind for a couple of weeks finally emerging into my conscious playlist this past weekend… enough to mention it in an email to you all even earlier in the morning (last night… almost 1AM).

This morning I’m walking around my place, shaking off the zombie cloak of Nyquil-induced sleep, singing the chorus of ‘Creation Calls’, and thinking about the images described in the song (5:30-6:30AM).

In the version from that album Brian Doersken builds a living, mental, diorama of creation in motion… that ends with snow falling…

… each snowflake whispering, “Remember the mercies of God… remember the mercies of God.”

Jump back to me, halted in my commute, waiting for Sheriff “No-Hurry” (it’s Norwegian), blue lights strobing in the falling early-Spring snow, remembering the song, the snowflakes’ whispers about the “mercies of God”…

… and having under-breath confession battles ranging from colorful metaphors, to quick statements about the cynical irony of “mercies” (shouted by Sheriff-illuminated, blue-light, disco snowflakes)… YET, all underpinned by hopeful humor of a deeper thing I’m enjoying with Abba through all the moments (regardless of outcome).

Finally… the Sheriff returns, hands back my stuff, let’s me off with a warning, and apologizes for the delay… because their computer system was having issues.

Thanking him… I pull a donut in the middle of the slick road and haul booty outta there (not really)… and make it to work safely, in good time (7:15AM), while the growing daylight cast a different hue of blue on the falling early-Spring snow.

So… something about a song, falling snow, remembrance, and the illustrated ‘mercies of God’… seemed to be enough of a morning theme to share clips from this story with you.