A Joyful Semester

By Rose Quesenberry
At the beginning of every year I ask the Lord for a word about what the coming year will be like or what it will be about. This year the answer was unexpected: hard. This year would be hard, but good, like nothing before it.

I could not use formulas or patterns to get through my days, but had to seek the Lord in every moment. When I got to my classes and they seemed way over my head I was not surprised: they would be hard. When classes are that crazy, relationships can be hard, hard to make time for other people and hard to say no when I couldn’t make the time. But the word the Lord gave me comforted me, He was not caught off guard and I wouldn’t be either. Surprisingly the past few months have been the most joyful months I have had in a while, they have been hard but good. I have had to come to the Lord daily, seeking who He is and how I am to live in each moment. I haven’t been able to settle into a routine, but have lived an adventure this semester. I have learned so much, academically and spiritually, particularly about getting back up after I fall down.

Kleros was a refuge during this time, even though I couldn’t make it every week (did I mention my classes were insane?). It was a time where I could invest in relationships and be invested in without having to fight with schedules and where I could leave my work at the door and be refreshed by laughter and the Scripture. Although this semester was a challenge for me, it was also a joy, learning the love of God all over again and I believe His love is what He wants to teach us every day anew.