Diane’s Story


I’m from Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I started using drugs at 13. I was addicted to pain meds, and I used drugs every day for 7 years. I didn’t know who I was and I didn’t care if I lived or died. I just wanted to be numb and not feel anything. I hated God and would pray that He would kill me. I stole from my family, used people to get what I wanted, and I didn’t care who I hurt a long the way. I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years and ended up having an abortion when I was 18. Through all of this there was a group of Christians who pursued me and never gave up on me. They loved me unconditionally and finally I accepted their help at 20 years old. On September 19, 2007 I moved to Agape Home. It was the hardest decision I ever made and living there was the most difficult thing I had to do; to give up drugs and the man I thought I loved to live in a home with complete strangers for over a year. It was there that I learned who I truly was, a daughter of God and not a drug addict. I opened my heart to God and got saved there as well as developing a relationship with the Lord and allowing Him to heal my broken heart. It was also there that Kim Bonner, Brandon Brinkley, Rick Sizemore, and other interns from DP came to minister to us. This was the day I felt God telling me that I would move to Virginia to be a part of the internship there. In December 2008 I moved to another place where I didn’t know anyone and lived with Kathy and Ernie, people I never met, but loved me just as I was. I’m so grateful for everyone who believed I could overcome addiction and helped me a long my journey. It wasn’t always easy, in fact it was really hard, but God has given me so much grace and forgiveness. I have a heart for sharing the love of Jesus by seeing people in faith and loving them where they are at. I’ve had moments of weakness where I could have easily gone back to my old life, but because of people in this church body, who never gave up on me and numerous counseling sessions, I am still here. I will forever be grateful for their dedication to helping me and the love of God that radiates through them.