Reflecting Light


By Ingrid Burbey

There’s a lot of construction going on in our neighborhood, resulting in closed roads and detours.  So, on Friday morning, when I wanted to go north to Pembroke, I had to start by driving south for a couple of miles.

 As I was headed down the road, a gorgeous full moon was right ahead of me, low on the horizon, huge and bright.  I loved that moon.  I thought to myself, “I would like a moon necklace to remind me of this beautiful moon.  I would even like to hug that moon, it’s so beautiful.”

If I really hugged the moon, I’d get a mouthful of dust.  Maybe I’d notice that the moon isn’t very pretty close-up.  I’ve seen the moon rock at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum; to me, it looks like an ordinary rock and nothing spectacular.  The moon up close would be a gray, dusty thing.

What really makes the moon so beautiful is the light reflecting off of it.   And what makes it especially beautiful is the pits and craters and the interesting light and shadows they create.

And what are we but dust?  Maybe our purpose, like the moon’s, is to reflect God’s light.   We may be ashamed of our pits and craters, our mistakes, our failures, our imperfections, but with God’s light casting upon them, they can be visions of beauty.

Inclement Weather Reminder


In the event that we have to change a normally scheduled event, we will make every effort to change the church voicemail (540.381.5500) and/or communicate by email & through  WDBJ news station. If someone would like to receive these emails, be sure to let the office know to add you to the weekly email (, direct them to the church website (, or send them this direct link:

A decision about whether to cancel or delay an event will be done by 7am for Sunday services and 4pm for evening meetings/youth. Please carpool with people you live close to as parking that is available at combined services will be at a premium.

At bad weather times we will make every effort to have a time of coming together at the church to celebrate the Lord (we will even give consideration to a 2 or 3p.m. service if we are not able to gather before noon).  However, it may be wiser and safer to gather in homes that are within walking distance.