A Ship of Safety


By Colleen Jackson

This word began with a vision of ships on an ocean in a raging storm…all but one anchored, and near the shore of a rocky…uninhabited…small island….(there is a place like this off of Oahu Hawaii on the way to the north shore)..being bounced around…much wind, thunder and lighting and very gloomy, but not totally dark….and one ship very far out to sea….with a spot light shining down on it…waters were  much calmer…but the storm was evidently all around…just no rain or wind in the area of this one ship….illuminated for all to see…yet it looked just like all the other ships.

Then the word came:

While on this earth you will live amongst the enemy and his plots to destroy and harm you…do not seek refuge in the places common to man or your flesh….My place is safe and will be located in places you would not feel to go in your flesh.

Come to me now…learn my voice…train your ear to hear me so that in your day of calamity or trials or danger you will know my voice and be prepared to let me lead you to your safe place…Draw near to me now while there is still time…

The waves are crashing on the rocks…do not go close to see what others are drawing near to…stay at sea with me…where I am…where it is calm and peaceful and you will not be sucked into the churning waters…Do not focus on the storms around you that man reports on and gets consumed with…But train your eyes to stay focused on me and train your ears to hear my voice…I will keep you safe and lead you…Not just for safety of yourself..but to have you available to tend to those who have fallen prey to the enemy….to be a light to lead to salvation…in ME alone…for those who do not know ME…