Freedom Teams

God promises us that in Christ we are a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). So why is it that so often we don’t feel new? Why are we still weighed down by the baggage we’ve been carrying, sometimes for years?

Freedom Teams Ministry is our prayer and counseling ministry to those who struggle to overcome the trials of their lives. We’ve seen those with a past of addiction, violence, victimization and abandonment restored to a place of mental and spiritual health, able to walk in freedom into their new lives. By applying the truths revealed in the Bible we’ve seen thousands of people released by the power of God.

We’re not registered or certified counselors, though we can refer you to one if that is what you need or want. And, we don’t know all the answers, nor do we have a formula for producing answers.

But, we do know our God. So, if you’re tired of being tired. If you feel the weight and burden of a past you no longer want to carry, we can help. Our goal, by God’s grace, is to Biblically walk with brothers and sisters to the Father who does have all the answers.

For more information about Freedom Teams and information about beginning the process please contact us here or call the Freedom Team phone at 540-391-0374.