Get Connected

If we look at the Lord as our example, He not only connected in relationship with the masses but He connected in a deeper and deeper way with smaller groups. That’s our call as well.

Jesus connected most deeply with Peter and John, creating what we call His “three”. These are those intimate friends with whom we can bare our souls, and who are free to speak truth into our lives.

Jesus also connected with His disciples. In modern terms we can think of this as His small group or Life Group. These are the people with whom He shared life, fellowship, heartache and joy. These were His close friends that walked through life with Him.

Jesus connected with the 70. In DP we think of this as His church body or ministry group. These are the people He ministered with and who supported His ministry.

Finally, Jesus connected with the masses. He didn’t look only to those close to Him, but reached into the world with a new way.

As followers of Christ we are called to use Jesus as the model, and it is through these connections we can make this happen. Yes, we want you to come to church on Sunday, but it is through the fellowship and accountability of connection by which we truly grow.

So, connect with a Life Group. Come to Living to Learn. Participate with your peers in one of the other groups.

Jesus never made relationship optional! You have too much to offer to keep it to yourself, so we look forward to seeing you during the week too!

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