Knowing is Seeing


By Melissa Creger Kennedy

And the songwriting returns……such beauty comes out of hard seasons. These past few months have been rather difficult. But, God is good and faithful. These seasons are part of the journey. Walking out this life is not always tip-toeing through the tulips. Sometimes we are dragging our screaming, aching selves through narrow passages, up steep hills, through seemingly hopeless valleys. But, God is there in those places, too. As Psalm 139 tells us, even the darkness is light to Him. There is nowhere I can go that He is not. And I have found that to be true these past months. Being known and loved by God–with all my weaknesses, all my failures, all my issues–brings peace and stability in times of tumult. I don’t know everything; in fact, the longer I walk with The Lord, the more I realize that I know next to nothing. This journey is to know Him. And to know Him, I must see Him as He really is. Not through the filters of my heart or the preset ideas in my mind, but in truth. I’ve heard it said that the degree to which our view of God is distorted is the same degree to which we are distorted. I believe it is true. I could sit here and ask God to fix everything wrong with me. That would invite condemnation that, frankly, I just don’t need. But, if I sit and ask Him to show me who He really is, that changes me. He doesn’t condemn me. He sees me through the rose-colored glasses of His Son’s blood. Who He truly is brings light, life, peace and hope for us, and He is a constant source of all those things. Like a photographer focuses the camera lens on the subject to capture the perfect light, the perfect angle, the perfect scene, so are we. We are focusing on His perfect light, seeing Him from the perfect angle, peering into His perfection from the place where we are right now. I don’t need understanding of Him whose ways are past finding out. We can glimpse or we can gaze. But, the more we see, the more we want to know. Yes, I can know Him in truth. I can also know Him from experience. Walking with God through the hard seasons, challenges, and hurts strengthens our character, but also solidifies our faith in His. Keep looking. Keep walking.