LIFE Groups

Living In Fellowship Everyday

In as much as DP is not comparable on Sundays to other churches (and vice versa), our small groups, or L.I.F.E groups are not comparable either; we are constantly asking the Lord to abolish our religious mindsets – specifically about small groups. We want to walk into the true Jericho moment where we get where God wants us, the way He wants us to get there, that is not imaginable to us based upon where we have come from.

L.I.F.E. groups are vital part of that for Dwelling Place; a safe place for children of God to connect with God and His heart and His people. At Dwelling Place we believe that Jesus Christ is the center and that it takes all the parts of the body working together to be healthy. And, while corporate worship is a crucial time to focus on our heavenly Father and to receive revelation, fellowship with others is also crucial. L.I.F.E. groups are that chance to develop deeper relationships with other brothers and sisters.

We have many L.I.F.E. groups who meet on a variety of nights in a variety of locations around the NRV. So, contact the church office to get connected to the group that is waiting for you today.

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