Healing Ministry Team

The vision for the Dwelling Place Healing and Miracles Ministry is to glorify Jesus Christ by displaying his love through physical healing and miracles.

Our mission is to release God’s healing and miracle-making power into the lives of His sons and daughters.  We are conduits of his Spirit flowing through us into our brothers and sisters in need.

We do this by praying for the sick and injured on a regular basis.   During Sunday services at Dwelling Place, the healing team offers prayer during our worship times and at the end of most services.  The team meets every second Monday of the month at Dwelling Place NRV at 7:00 for training and activation.  We also have time for prayer for the sick and injured before or after this class time.  Please feel free to come for prayer and/or training anytime.  By coming to the class, you are not committing to being on our team.  It is a great way to see what we are about and to get more information about God’s healing power.

In the last year, we have had approximately fifty individuals and counting healed of various illnesses and conditions.

For more information or questions contact them at: healing@dpnrv.org

Click HERE to read testimonies of the many healings that have already taken place! We LOVE testimonies of God’s goodness. Send your testimony of a recent healing or other miracle in your life to healing@dpnrv.org

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