Shine like stars in the universe!

Kids just naturally shine, don’t they? In Philippians 2 we are encouraged to, “Shine like stars in the universe.” Similarly, in Matthew 5 we are told to, “Let your light shine before men…that they may glorify your heavenly Father.” These and other verses lead us to conclude that in Christ we project His light into a lost and darkened world.

One of the goals of DP Kids is to keep our students bright with the light of God. Our plan is to saturate them with God’s Love and His Truth. We don’t want to sit back and let the world dictate their identity. We’re not going to take a back seat and watch the enemy fill their hearts with lie after lie.

As often as possible, we will remind our students they are hidden in Christ, the Light of the World. One day, if they are looking down the lion’s throat or staring into the fiery furnace they will hear one thing:

Shine On!!

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